Ringing in Inktober 2019 with something new

Rings around a painful eye
Rings around a painful eye

I am ringing in Inktober 2019 by trying something new; Pen and ink. I wanted to take a shot at using an inkwell and different pen points and see if I could figure out how to draw with it.

My first pen and ink set

So first impressions of using an inkwell is I suck at it. I am no way a natural at using a pen and ink. I had to stare at the instruction manual for about 10 minutes before I could figure out how to fill the ink well in the pen. But eventually ink started appearing on the paper.

Putting ink on the paper

So first prompt for Inktober 2019 is Ring. So using all my originality I painfully tried to draw a circle with the pen. I eventually started getting the hang of it. I have a bad habit of pressing my pencil to hard to the paper and this ink pen forced me to learn to touch lightly. So if I learned anything out of this, it was to draw lighter with a pen and perhaps pencil.

Learning to draw short lines

Eventually I learned that unlike a felt tip pen you have to do short lines with the types of pen tips I had. I am sure I was using the completely wrong tip and giving any pro pen and ink user a heart attack for misusing the pen. But I’m just trying this for fun. So I began making short lines and hatching. I decided to make my ring into an eye with rings around it. Cause that’s about how my eyes were starting to feel.

Rings around the eyes

I had scratched my cornea last year the day before my birthday, and hearing the pen tip scratch across the paper made me think of it and the horrible annoying pain that came with it for a week. So the results of my first pen and ink drawing was a painful eye with rings of stress and agony around it. I am going to keep playing with the pen and ink. Had a lot of fun playing with this and am going to check out some tutorials on drawing with pen and ink.

See you tomorrow for Inktober 2019 day 2 Mindless. (I’m thinking some Lovecraft will give me an idea for this one.)