Inktober 2021

Inktober 2021

Day 1: Crystal

Welcome to Inktober 2021. This year I am trying to make all the official Inktober 2021 Prompts connects together to tell a Murder story. Our first prompt is crystal and our investigator has just collected a giant crystal prism covered in the victims blood.

Day 2: Suit

A blood covered crystal wasn’t the only evidence our investigator found. No, they also found several strands of silver hair on the victims blood soaked suits.

Day 3: Vessel

Two grisly murders and a giant vessel full of the victims blood at the center of it. What could it possibly mean? Our investigator felt the need to go outside for some fresh air.

Day 4: Knot

Our investigator went out for some fresh air only to find a donut box on his car. Was the murderer messing with our investigator. Could be because the box was tied in a septuple super bunny ear knot.

Day 5: Raven

The investigator took out his trusty knife and cut open the donut box. Inside was a horror beyond imagination. A Raven Bagel, what disgusting person puts a bagel in a donut box?

Day 6: Spirit

The Raven Bagel began shaking violently as spiritual energy began emiting out of it. Suddenly it screamed towards the sky as it revealed it was possessed by none other than the spirit of Handlebar Mustache Jack!

Day 7: Fan

…I was a huge fan of Handlebar Mustache Jack. Turns out though he was also a huge fan of my previous investigations and wanted an autograph.