Stories To Color

Stories to Color are coloring books for adults and children that tell stories as you color each page. They are available for purchase from Etsy, through the links below. There are also free color books and individual pages available further down the page.

Stories to Color: The Stray

A Horrifying tale of a detective going to investigate a killing in a downtown alley. Little does he know the horrors that await him down that rain drenched alley.

This coloring book is intended for ages 13 and up due to violence, scary images and blood.

Stories to Color: Alien studies

Alien Abductions have been documented all across the world. But what are the aliens doing with the abductees? What you have in your hands will reveal the real truth of what really happens. Thanks to advanced spy drone technology we have documented what happens during a real alien abduction.*

This coloring book is intended for ages 8 and up.


Stories to Color: Down Below

Some Things Are Best Left Under Water…

Something lurks in the depths below a man made reservoir. It was submerged and forgotten long ago. Now people who go near the reservoir shores have started disappearing. Perhaps what was forgotten has not forgotten us.

This coloring book is intended for ages 13 and up due to violence, scary images and blood.

Life Lessons To Color: Don't Play With Wands

The Wand Council of America is proud to present this PSA coloring book to teach children and adults about the dangers of playing with wands. Wands should never be played with, they can cause unforeseen
consequences and lead to injury or death. If you find a wand please report it to your local Wand Council Chapter via bird post to Bird Office Box 34 and 73/3rds. A Wand Council Representative will respond in 2 to 3 weeks wizard time.

This coloring book is a satire PSA intended for ages 8 and up.

Stay at home and color:
A free coloring book

Stay at home and color with these free coloring book pages.

This coloring book is intended for all ages

A PDF viewer such as Adobe Arcobat will be needed to view and print any of the coloring books or sheets. You will also need a printer or a digital painting program to color.