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November Artwork

November Artwork

Some artwork I’ve been doing since Inktober. No real common theme or anything. Just artwork I did usually with Sharpie Markers or Micron Pens.

November 5, 2020: Steam Locomotive chugging through a forest in the middle of fall.
November 6, 2020: A new rendition of a drawing I’ve done in the past. Two leaves fighting as they fall.
November 10, 2020: An H.P. Lovecraft inspired marker drawing showing cultists summoning a dark one while a bystander looks in terror.
November 12, 2020: A old man of the sea wondering through a dark and spooky forest.
November 13, 2020: Some fan art of a Chozo statue on Tallon IV from the video game Metroid Prime. My wife got me one of those white gel pens and I wanted an excuse to use it. So I tried it out to add some detail to solid shaded areas.
November 17, 2020: A Beaver in front of his kingdom. I’m not really sure what inspired me to make this one but I had fun trying to use different Sharpie markers and Tom Bow Markers to add detail this piece. I really wish Sharpie could figure out how to make another tone of brown.
November 19, 2020: A Railroad in the Underworld. I decided I wanted to punish myself cause I can’t think of any other reason why I thought drawing hundreds of tiny bones lining the tracks. But when I originally posted it on Instagram people seemed to like it. So goes to show that work you hate gets all the likes while projects you put your heart and soul in sometime don’t even get noticed.
November 23, 2020: Headcrab from the video game Half-Life. I was in a gaming mood after playing the Half-Life remake Black Mesa. I thought I’d try my light table and trace a printed image of a head crab and reference draw the details. But this one didn’t get much attention at all when I posted it on social media so I guess I’ll stick to my free hand drawings of creatures I just make up as I draw.
November 29, 2020: A Deer Lord Concept drawing. Decided to go with my gut and make creatures up as I draw them. So this is a deer lord from the front with crazy antlers full of mystical ornaments.
November 29, 2020: A deer lord concept from the side with designs on it’s hood.

Inktober 2019 Day 13: Ash

Inktober 2019 Day 13: Ash

Inktober 2019 Day 13 Ash

We’ve reached unlucky 13 and it’s a dozy of an unlucky number for the subject in today’s drawing. I love H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. It gave true horror of alien invasion and total annihilation.

Our subject is being hit by a mechanized beings heat ray and being burnt into ash as they try to surrender to the invading machine.

I had a lot of fun making this one. I did the base drawing with an HB pencil and did the outline again using a ink well pen. But this time I used some felt tip chiseled pens to add the burnt bones and singing skin lines. Then added some bright ray color using tombow markers. I decided to gray scale the everything else except the heat ray and fires set off by it. Then to throw in some extra ash I added some charcoal and smudged it to all around the poor subject being vaporized into ash.

See you tomorrow for day 14, Overgrown.


Inktober 2019 Day 12, Dragon

Inktober 2019 Day 12, Dragon

Inktober 2019 Day 12 Dragon

We come to day 12 of 31 days of Inktober. And it’s one of my new favorites. Dragons can be quite scary and I feel I did a good job with shading and detailing this one to make you extra terrified. 

I again used the inkwell to outline and detail the dragon after drawing it out with an HB pencil. I am loving this old style of drawing in ink more and more everyday. But ink can be a lot more pricey than your standard pens so I still used markers to fill in the mouth and area around the dragon. Then to add some singe to the drawing I used  a charcoal pencil to add shadows and detail to the wrinkles and teeth of the dragon. Turned out really great.

See you tomorrow for day 13, ash. Seems appropriate that this comes after Dragon.

Inktober 2019 Day 4: Freeze

Inktober 2019 Day 4: Freeze

Inktober 2019 Day 4 Freeze

Greetings monsters and ghouls. We’ve come to day 4 of Inktober, today’s topic is Freeze.

I’m sure many of us have a favorite horror story/movie involving freezing in the cold. I have a few favorites, The Thing, The Shining, Mountains of Madness. Probably a bunch of others I am forgetting. But I decided to skip the monster in the snow story; and thought what causes it to become cold on the earth? Darkness, lack of sunlight, tilting of the earth’s axis leading to longer and colder nights.

What if the moon eclipsed the sun and never moved from the spot over an area of planet earth. Let alone a very populated area. Would it lead to massive coldness and endless snow? Probably some scientific variables that would say no, but we’re doing it in my universe, reality be damn!

A lone survivor trying to make their way across the frozen landscape collapses to their hands in defeat. The landscape is endless snow with no sign of life around them. The moon eclipsing the sun over head as if mocking the person’s efforts to survive. That is my idea of Freeze for this inktober.

Freeze before color addedFreeze after color added

The drawing was made using a combination of media. A photo pencil sketch outlined in Faber-Castell pens and then colored with TomBow markers. A white prismacolor Pastel was used to add a glow around the moon. Showing the sun struggling with all its might to get its rays around it to no avail.

See you tomorrow for Day 5, Build.

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