Welcome to SteamPonyDesign.com

Hello and welcome to Steam Pony Design created by me Aaron Babel.

I created this site originally for my college portfolio class when I was finishing up my associates degree in Graphic Design at College of DuPage. Life didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it after college, but I still held on to this domain wanting to do something with it. Well it’s been almost ten years and I’ve finally decided to do something with it.

This site is dedicating to showing off any artwork I make and get my creative thoughts going. Right now it will be mostly doodles and sketches which you will find on here and my social media pages, but more will be added.

I am also putting together some comics on this page. It’s very rough right now and I need to improve my grammar skills, but it’s a start. The current comic I am working on is about a robot from the awesome and hilarious podcast Hysteria 51. I’m doing it just for fun to try out comic layouts and improve my skills.

Hope you enjoy my collection of random sketches and other pieces of art. I keep making it to improve my art skills and keep my mind creative.

Enjoy and stay Creative!