Monstervember 2019 Day 15 Kite

Monstervember 2019 Day 15 Kite

Flying a kite can be so relaxing. Even for a terrifying Shaggoth a kite made out of unwanted visitors seems to relax the horrifying creature.

What I based the illustration on….

Today’s prompt was Kite and I’ve been on a Lovecraft obsession this last two months. I used the shaggoth and the idea of the necronomicon being made out of skin to be the base of what my drawing is. I know it seems horrifying and disgusting but in the end it’s a fictional sketch and that’s where horror belongs in fiction. It’s unfortunate that horror escapes fiction in our world a lot though.

Back to the fiction though….

Lovecraft has become my favorite writer. I absolutely love “The Color Out of Space” and “At The Mountains Of Madness” the way horror is described and told through Lovecraft is just fantastic. Too much current horror stories are over explained and reveal too much of the mystery behind the horror. I’ve found I like horror to remain a mystery.

How it was made…

I tried some watercolor pencils today. I found these a few years ago in the clearance section at my local Meijer. I must say I love how these work. It’s awesome to take a thin tip brush and brush along your straight color penciled line and form a perfect straight line of watercolor paint. Definitely will use these more in the future.