Monstervember 2019 Day 30 Cucumber

We come to the last day of Monstervember. Now everyone can relax and…well crap there goes the holiday atom bomb. Now we enter cheery December. Or is it? This marks the 61st drawing I’ve done in a row since Inktober. Do I keep the challenge going for myself into December? Time will tell. I may […]

Monstervember 2019 Day 28 Face

It gets in you, sucks the life out of you…but he spoke no more as what he spoke out of collapsed into grey dust. Paraphrasing from the Colour out of Space. Really hoping the movie adaption is going to be good but I have issues and doubts with it taking place in modern times instead […]

Monstervember 2019 Day 27 Branch

Even the ugliest tree in the gloomy haunted forest can be the most beautiful. It’s the 27th day of Monstervember and today’s prompt is Branch. Which is ironic and creepy cause last night in very high winds a whole half of a tree feel and partially hit my 3 season room and dented the roof […]

Monstervember 2019 Day 26 Confined

Our victim has been confined from the world in fact so confined that the monstrous captor has made sure they don’t see it, speak to it or hear it.

Monstervember 2019 Day 23 Medical

That horrifying moment of getting medical supplies for an injured person and you look in the mirror and see what’s behind you. I had to do some digital mending to my sketch today. I was drawing the hand of the injured woman and decided to move her over more. But I forgot to redraw the […]

Monstervember 2019 Day 22 Bell

The bells toll in the endless underground fog. Nothing but a tantalizing light of horrific green can bring hope of a final destination.