Inktober 2019 Day 21 Treasure

Inktober 2019 Day 21 Treasure

Yar, there be treasure in these here waters, guarded by a horrible sea beast. It can only mean one thing. Tis the 21st day of 31 days of ye Inktober. (and that’s all the crappy pirate talk you get)

I enjoyed putting this one together. Kind of needed a reset for my week after the bad ending I had last week. But it lead to some new inspiration. I plan on still offering these drawings as coloring pages to download free. But will later put together a full page high resolution pdf book to buy, print and color of all these drawings and perhaps some more.

I love illustrating and pursued that route when  I was in college. But it can be rather difficult to get your name out there. So maybe some self made coloring books can allow me to spread my art and let you find a use for those colored pencils.

Here be ye free coloring page of today’s sketch.

2019 Inktober Day 21 Treasure Coloring Page

See you tomorrow for day 22, ghost.