November Artwork

Some artwork I’ve been doing since Inktober. No real common theme or anything. Just artwork I did usually with Sharpie Markers or Micron Pens.

Monster under the bridge

Monsters under the bridge isn’t a new thing. But what if the monster is the bridge? Pictured is a helpless man hanging for dear life from a draw bridge that is not a draw bridge at all but the jaws of a monster.

Inktober 2019 Day 4: Freeze

Greetings monsters and ghouls. We’ve come to day 4 of Inktober, today’s topic is Freeze. I’m sure many of us have a favorite horror story/movie involving freezing in the cold. I have a few favorites, The Thing, The Shining, Mountains of Madness. Probably a bunch of others I am forgetting. But I decided to skip […]

Inktober Day 3: Bait (You’re the bait)

We’ve come to day 3 of Inktober, Bait. Nothing could be more frightening than being the bait to lure in a scary monster in the dark. Especially when you can’t even see it till it’s about to eat you. Didn’t take progress shots on this one. Got carried away with the creativity and forgot to […]