Monstervember 2019 Day 1 Sail

Monstervember 2019 Day 1 Sail

I’m starting a new art challenge for the month of November. It’s called Monstervember!

This one is a challenge prompt that’s brand new this year, and I hope that people will join in and have fun with it. It’s not about doing daily drawings, it’s about having fun and improving your art skills with practice. And making cool monsters.

Today is Day 1 and the prompt is sail. Nothing can make one want to drop their sails and make haste across the open ocean like being chased by a Kraken.

Feel free to join in on this challenge. You don’t have to be a pro artist and you can make the prompt with any art media you want. Join the facebook group or just use #monstervember. So we can find your art and give it all the love it deserves.

Monstervember 2019 Prompt List