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It’s Just Logic: Ganondorf and Bowser go Shopping and Tom Nook is Evading Taxes

It’s Just Logic: Ganondorf and Bowser go Shopping and Tom Nook is Evading Taxes

It's Just Logic: Ganondorf goes Shopping at Dungeon Depot
Ganondorf has to get all those keys and locks from somewhere.
It's Just Logic: Bowser goes car shopping
Buy now and pay 0% APR for 6 months and receive free Koopa Shell Wax. Only at Mario Kart Dealerships
It's Just Logic: Tom Nook's Tax Evasion Crimes
Tom Nook seems to be doing surprisingly well as a real estate guru. Almost too well….hmmm
It’s Just Logic: Cheat Codes

It’s Just Logic: Cheat Codes

It's Just Logic: Another Way
The people jumping around in the Matrix were using a Game Genie to cheat at life.
It's Just Logic: Cheat Codes Enabled
I don’t need to read the directions when I can use cheat codes to get what I want.
It's Just Logic: Cheat To The Top
Never in the history of mankind has there ever been consequences to cheating at life…..nope never.
It's Just Logic: Corrupted
Cheat at life too much and you’ll corrupt everyone!
It’s Just Logic: Your First Mission

It’s Just Logic: Your First Mission

It's Just Logic: First Mission
Only the essential tools are given on the first mission in a video game.
It's Just Logic: Vents in Video Games
Crawling through the vents is not the best idea despite what video games show.
It's Just Logic: Stuck on Level One
Couldn’t even get through level without help.
It's Just Logic: Achievement Unlocked
When you’re mission goes so crazy that you unlock an achievement for it being that dumb.
It’s Just Logic: Timed Quests in Video Games

It’s Just Logic: Timed Quests in Video Games

It's Just Logic: Difficult Quest
Starting the most difficult quests in video games. The Timed Quest.
It's Just Logic: Collateral Damage in Quests
How much Collateral Damage does it take to finish a timed quest before time runs out?
It's Just Logic: I swear I did that
When you thought you finished the quest but forgot to press the action button before time runs out.
It's Just Logic: Complete at any cost
When you retry an unfinished quest and your character is way overpowered.

Timed quests, probably one of the most difficult and annoying quests in any video game. It reminds me of when my mom would come home from getting groceries and yell for me to get the Milk in the fridge first. This never made sense to me since the milk had already been out of the store fridge for half an hour, what’s another 30 seconds. Just like how in a video game where an item that has been sitting there the whole time we were playing, suddenly has a timer saying it will expire in ten minutes as soon as we pick it up.

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