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Water~Color out of Space

Water~Color out of Space

Got some new watercolors from my wife for Christmas and decided to play around with them and some watercolor pencils I had on hand.

I love the Lovecraft Universe and decided to make a compilation horror painting based off of “The Color Out Of Space,” “The Dunwich Horror,” and a little of my own Lovecraft inspired horror with trees shedding their outer bark to reveal pulsating tentacles.

This took about 3 days to finish and I love the progress shots I took showing how this painting evolved. Not too bad for attempting multiple layers of color with some shading effects.


Monstervember 2019 Day 15 Kite

Monstervember 2019 Day 15 Kite

Monstervember 2019 Day 15 Kite

Flying a kite can be so relaxing. Even for a terrifying Shaggoth a kite made out of unwanted visitors seems to relax the horrifying creature.

What I based the illustration on….

Today’s prompt was Kite and I’ve been on a Lovecraft obsession this last two months. I used the shaggoth and the idea of the necronomicon being made out of skin to be the base of what my drawing is. I know it seems horrifying and disgusting but in the end it’s a fictional sketch and that’s where horror belongs in fiction. It’s unfortunate that horror escapes fiction in our world a lot though.

Back to the fiction though….

Lovecraft has become my favorite writer. I absolutely love “The Color Out of Space” and “At The Mountains Of Madness” the way horror is described and told through Lovecraft is just fantastic. Too much current horror stories are over explained and reveal too much of the mystery behind the horror. I’ve found I like horror to remain a mystery.

How it was made…

I tried some watercolor pencils today. I found these a few years ago in the clearance section at my local Meijer. I must say I love how these work. It’s awesome to take a thin tip brush and brush along your straight color penciled line and form a perfect straight line of watercolor paint. Definitely will use these more in the future.


Monstervember 2019 Day 8 Hammer

Monstervember 2019 Day 8 Hammer

Monstervember 2019 Day 8 Hammer

It’s Monstervember Day 8 and we have a heck of a story going on in today’s sketch. Our main character a female adventurer is struggling with the shock of what she just had to do. This adventure has brought much turmoil and pain and has reached a major climax of having to take out a horrid tentacle beast with a massive hammer. Pure adrenaline allowed our adventurer to lift such a massive hammer and smash the beasts head in. But it has taken it’s toll on her and she is exhausted and her nerves are shot.

I tried some highlights and shadows with this one and they turned out pretty cool. Probably still not correct but practice makes perfect.

See you tomorrow for Day 9, Cute. 

Inktober 2019 Day 31, Ripe

Inktober 2019 Day 31, Ripe

Inktober 2019 Day 31 Ripe

We come to the bottom of our ink well. It is day 31 of Inktober. Happy Halloween! Today we are going to the farm to help Igor pick the Ripest brain out of the organic head patch. A much more economical and legal way of collecting brains for the mad doctor. No more digging up graves in the middle of the night for poor Igor here. Now he is a hard working farmer helping supply the mad scientists of the world.

It has been a blast drawing all these. I learned how to use an ink well supplied pen and I love it. I feel a have improved my art skills this month. Especially my female figure drawing and figure drawings in general. They are still cartoons but more anatomically correct.Inktober 2019 Collage

I plan to keep working on a drawing and blog post a day or at least one every week. I hope you will check in and see what I make in the future.

I am off to go enjoy this Merry-Ween day. (even nature is setting up for Christmas too early in the states.)

Oh and here’s your final Inktober coloring page. I will probably tomorrow post a complete set of the coloring drawing tomorrow to download. 2019 Inktober Day 31 Ripe Coloring Page

Inktober 2019 Day 17 Ornament

Inktober 2019 Day 17 Ornament

2019 Inktober Day 17 Ornament

Even the darkest beings like to decorate their personal possessions. Welcome to the 17th day of 31 days of Inktober, Ornament.

Today the grim reaper pays us a visit showing off his new ornament he’s attached to his scythe.

I feel I out did myself with this one. My wife even said she would of not known this was drawn by me if she walked by it. So I guess I’m really improving my work. Still not a realism expert or perspective expert but I can do side poses pretty well now.

Did this one again with the trusty inkwell after drawing out the initial drawing in pencil.

See you tomorrow for Day 18, Misfit.

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