Inktober 2019 Day 8 Frail

Inktober 2019 Day 8 Frail

Welcome to the 8th day of 31 days of Inktober. Tonight we have a frail subject on display. Or is it subjects?

I tried adding multiple levels to this drawing. One you think of frail in this picture I assume you instantly go to the flower. Much like the rose in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, the rose is the most fragile thing and must be protected. But what is the second level of frail in this drawing you say?

Well it’s the monsters. If you look one side is not like the other. The right is more sinister and seems to be going through a transformation of tendrils and claws growing everywhere. While the left side has a more (if you can call it that) basic non sinister form. The three creatures center stage are in the process of being half transformed by this sinister evil infecting everything.

I don’t know if this technically comes off as frail, perhaps it’s more corruption then frail. But I wanted to try adding a second level to a drawing tonight. And hey, I still had a lot of fun. Did this one with the ink well again and had a lot better control.

See you tomorrow for Day 9, Swing.