Inktober 2019 Day 5: Build

Inktober Day 5 Building Suspense

Good evening ladies and ghouls. Tonight we come to day 5 of this horrifying Inktober. Today we are building with the best building material of any horror story, Suspense.

Now there are many qualities of suspense building material. Some fall apart real quick and some last through a whole tale. If you haven’t guessed I have a particular love for HP Lovecraft suspense building. The unknown is sometimes the biggest suspense builder of all. Although I have a soft spot as presented in my latest drawing for the audience knowing more than the character of the story. That is a great suspense builder.

Today’s sketch is done pretty simple. A XS point Faber-Castell pen traced over my rough pencil sketch.

I shall see you good sirs and madams tomorrow for day 6, husky.

Inktober 2019 Day 4: Freeze

Inktober 2019 Day 4 Freeze

Greetings monsters and ghouls. We’ve come to day 4 of Inktober, today’s topic is Freeze.

I’m sure many of us have a favorite horror story/movie involving freezing in the cold. I have a few favorites, The Thing, The Shining, Mountains of Madness. Probably a bunch of others I am forgetting. But I decided to skip the monster in the snow story; and thought what causes it to become cold on the earth? Darkness, lack of sunlight, tilting of the earth’s axis leading to longer and colder nights.

What if the moon eclipsed the sun and never moved from the spot over an area of planet earth. Let alone a very populated area. Would it lead to massive coldness and endless snow? Probably some scientific variables that would say no, but we’re doing it in my universe, reality be damn!

A lone survivor trying to make their way across the frozen landscape collapses to their hands in defeat. The landscape is endless snow with no sign of life around them. The moon eclipsing the sun over head as if mocking the person’s efforts to survive. That is my idea of Freeze for this inktober.

Freeze before color addedFreeze after color added

The drawing was made using a combination of media. A photo pencil sketch outlined in Faber-Castell pens and then colored with TomBow markers. A white prismacolor Pastel was used to add a glow around the moon. Showing the sun struggling with all its might to get its rays around it to no avail.

See you tomorrow for Day 5, Build.

Inktober Day 3: Bait (You’re the bait)

Inktober 2019 Day 3 Bait

We’ve come to day 3 of Inktober, Bait.

Nothing could be more frightening than being the bait to lure in a scary monster in the dark. Especially when you can’t even see it till it’s about to eat you.

Didn’t take progress shots on this one. Got carried away with the creativity and forgot to take them. Ope.

I did a pencil sketch of this drawing on some marker paper using a 2B pencil. I then took my grey scale set of TomBow markers and colored in the mouth, teeth and tongue. Then I used a Faber-Castell Fine point pen and added the detail work to make the bait pop out and the detail of the teeth. For a special effect I used a white charcoal pencil to sketch in some saliva. Turned out pretty cool I think.

See you tomorrow for Day 4, Freeze.

Inktober 2019 Day 2: Mindless

Inktober 2019 Day 2 Mindless

Well its day 2 and I feel like crap. Tried going to work today and couldn’t stop sweating and my throat was feeling like crap. I feel okay sitting down with a fan on and drinking fluids so I figured the least I could do was draw and be productive at something than staring at my phone like a mindless zombie.

Today’s topic was Mindless and when I see that word I think of HP Lovecraft and The Mountains of Madness. The sheer thought that something so indescribable and horrifying would cause you to go insane just gives me the chills. But it also excites me because I love crazy mind provoking horror. It just stirs my imagination to no end.

What to draw today

My thoughts were what could be something horrifying dealing with the mind? Being forced to remove your own brain and put it in a glass bubble of course.

Rough sketch of mindless

 With some mixed media paper, hand model and photo blue pencil and did a rough sketch of a hand holding its own brain in a blood stained glass bubble. I really loved how it turned out (I usually suck at drawing hands) but I didn’t think it was creepy enough. It needed some Lovecraft horror.

The only horror I could think of was the awesome Lovecraft inspired creature in the game Skyrim, Hermaeus Mora a Daedric Prince from the Elder Scrolls Universe who has a big terrifying eye floating in a wisp of dark mater surrounded by smaller eyes and tentacles. I loved the character as it’s neither good nor evil it just exists to acquire treasure troves of knowledge to keep in its domain. So I imagine such a mighty being could just force someone to claw out their own brain and present it to the Daedric Prince to consume its knowledge.

Inking mindless

Once I had my rough sketch done I outlined the sketch using Faber Castel ink pens. I added some color flair with some Tom Bow markers to highlight blood dripping off the hand and the aura of mind controlling light coming from Hermaeus Mora.

Adding color to mindless

 I wanted to add blood stained fingerprints to the glass bubble but I didn’t like the sketched version of fingerprints I made. So I brushed some of the marker on my fingers and used my own.

Finger painting

 The drawing looked fantastic, but I wanted to give it a very dark background hiding the horror of Hermaeus Mora where you only saw his eye and a tentacle touching the brain. I needed a real dark black and realized I could use the ink well I used yesterday to do it. I found a flat tip brush and made a dark abyss.Adding Darkness

It turned out spectacular and it is so far my favorite drawing I’ve created this Inktober. I’m setting the bar high for myself so we’ll see if I can top this creation tomorrow. See you then for day 3 of Inktober, Bait.


Oh and wisdom of the day: Hydration is important and I am really terrible at it sometimes.

Ringing in Inktober 2019

Rings around a painful eye

I am ringing in Inktober 2019 by trying something new; Pen and ink. I wanted to take a shot at using an inkwell and different pen points and see if I could figure out how to draw with it.

My first pen and ink set

So first impressions of using an inkwell is I suck at it. I am no way
a natural at using a pen and ink. I had to stare at the instruction
manual for about 10 minutes before I could figure out how to fill the ink well in the pen. But eventually ink started appearing on the paper.

Putting ink on the paper

So first prompt for Inktober 2019 is Ring. So using all my
originality I painfully tried to draw a circle with the pen. I
eventually started getting the hang of it. I have a bad habit of
pressing my pencil to hard to the paper and this ink pen forced me to learn to touch lightly. So if I learned anything out of this, it was to draw lighter with a pen and perhaps pencil.

Learning to draw short lines

Eventually I learned that unlike a felt tip pen you have to do short
lines with the types of pen tips I had. I am sure I was using the
completely wrong tip and giving any pro pen and ink user a heart attack for misusing the pen. But I’m just trying this for fun. So I began making short lines and hatching. I decided to make my ring into an eye with rings around it. Cause that’s about how my eyes were starting to feel.

Rings around the eyes

I had scratched my cornea last year the day before my birthday, and hearing the pen tip scratch across the paper made me think of it and the horrible annoying pain that came with it for a week. So the results of my first pen and ink drawing was a painful eye with rings of stress and agony around it. I am going to keep playing with the pen and ink. Had a lot of fun playing with this and am going to check out some tutorials on drawing with pen and ink.

See you tomorrow for Inktober 2019 day 2 Mindless. (I’m thinking some Lovecraft will give me an idea for this one.)

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