Monstervember 2019 Day 8 Hammer

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Monstervember 2019 Day 8 Hammer

It’s Monstervember Day 8 and we have a heck of a story going on in today’s sketch. Our main character a female adventurer is struggling with the shock of what she just had to do. This adventure has brought much turmoil and pain and has reached a major climax of having to take out a horrid tentacle beast with a massive hammer. Pure adrenaline allowed our adventurer to lift such a massive hammer and smash the beasts head in. But it has taken it’s toll on her and she is exhausted and her nerves are shot.

I tried some highlights and shadows with this one and they turned out pretty cool. Probably still not correct but practice makes perfect.

See you tomorrow for Day 9, Cute. 

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