Inktober 2019 Day 5: Build

Inktober Day 5 Building Suspense

Good evening ladies and ghouls. Tonight we come to day 5 of this horrifying Inktober. Today we are building with the best building material of any horror story, Suspense.

Now there are many qualities of suspense building material. Some fall apart real quick and some last through a whole tale. If you haven’t guessed I have a particular love for HP Lovecraft suspense building. The unknown is sometimes the biggest suspense builder of all. Although I have a soft spot as presented in my latest drawing for the audience knowing more than the character of the story. That is a great suspense builder.

Today’s sketch is done pretty simple. A XS point Faber-Castell pen traced over my rough pencil sketch.

I shall see you good sirs and madams tomorrow for day 6, husky.