Inktober 2019 Day 23 Ancient

Inktober 2019 Day 23 Ancient

It’s day 23 of Inktober and your six month old phone is already ancient tech. Today’s prompt was Ancient and I got inspired by another inktober artist’s post dealing with ancient phones, and decided to build upon it.

Since we replace our phone tech now practically every six months, I wondered what happens to all those phones. Do they really get recycled or is there bins and dumpsters full of discarded old phones in tech scrap yards? What would happen to all those phones if our way of life ended? Well when you’re in my crazy imaginative mind it goes like this.

The Apocalypse comes the world as we know it ends and hundreds of years later tribal humans our finding our old tech and worshipping Android version KitKat like it’s a god. Welcome to my world of imagination folks.

Here’s yer coloring sheet 2019 Inktober Day 23 Ancient Coloring Page and see you tomorrow for day 24, Dizzy.

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