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This is like the choose your own adventure books from the 1980s. Except each decision is voted on by social media. That decision will determine what the next drawing prompt will be for the story with another set of decisions to vote for. You can vote for a decision by finding the latest Choose Your Own Adventure Drawing prompt on the Steam Pony Design Facebook page.

Day 1. You’re a contractor hired to survey a forest for clearing. You come to a open area in the middle of the forest and see a giant oak tree shaped like a deer head. There looks to be a hole at the base of the tree.
Do you…

A: Enter the hole?
B: Look around and survey the giant deer head shaped tree?
Results from Day 1:
Choice B was selected after a tie in the comments led me to use a choice randomizer on the internet and it chose B
Day 2: You look around the giant tree in the shape of a deer head. Each part of the tree looks naturally grown showing no signs that it was carved into this shape. You come to the back of the tree and are startled by a glowing mass in the middle of the back of the tree. It glows an aquatic green like color and it seems to be pulsing, like it’s calling out to you to touch it.
Do you…..
A: Touch the glowing mass?
B: Back away slowly from the glowing mass?
Results from Day 2:
Choice A got the most votes.
Day 3: You touch the glowing mass unsure of what will happen. As you touch it with the face of your hand you hear horrible hollowing cries all around the forest and feel like there is something coming behind you, something bad. You have clearly disturbed something, but before you turn around your hand is suddenly pulled into the glowing mass. You panic and try to pull your hand free. A vision appears before you in front of the glowing mass. In the vision you see a strange creature resembling a deer shrouded in a green cloak. It has five glowing eyes that are the same color as the glowing mass and its antlers are covered in jewelry of the same color. The branches around the glowing mass begin to pull away revealing the mass to be some type of portal you can go into. The deer creature in the vision looks at you with gentle eyes as if telling you to enter. 
Do you…
A. Enter the portal made out of the glowing mass?
B. Pull your hand free and look at what is behind you making the horrible hollowing noise?
Results from Day 3:
Choice B: There was a tie so a computer randomizer was used and broke the tie with choice B.
Your fear and curiosity make you pull your hand out of the portal in the tree and turn around. Shear horror encapsulates you as you see a horrifying creature was making the horrible hollowing sound at the edge of the forest.
 It looks like it could of been a wolf at one time but has been horribly disfigured by mutation or something. It’s back legs have become enormous in size making it stand on two legs in a chicken like pose. You imagine just one of it’s oversized paws could crush you in an instant. It’s forelegs have maintained their normal size but each paw has grown long razer sharp claws. The forelegs hang in the air like the little arms of a T-Rex. You nearly gag though when you realize it has two grotesque skinless clawed arms growing out of it’s back, though you wonder if it’s actually the smell from the wolf creatures gaping maw that made you gag.
Before you can decide what it was though you start hearing large cracks of wood as the grotesque arms of the creature begin to effortlessly push aside any tree that’s standing in it’s way as it begins to stomp towards you. It’s black eyes stare at you with determination. You feel you’re life will end if you don’t make a quick decision.
Do you…
A: Turn around and run into the portal in the back of the tree?
B: Run from both the tree and grotesque wolf creature and try to find safety in the woods?
Results from Day 4:
Choice A received the most votes.
Day 5: You decide to take your chances and run from the ferocious beast into the glowing portal in the back of the tree. On the other side of the portal you enter a long tunnel of roots covered in the glowing mass. You reach out to touch one of the roots when a massive bright light blinds you.
You suddenly feel like all your muscles and bones are being stretched out all at once. What’s happening to you? You put your hands to your head in pain only to realize with sheer horror that your fingers have started merging together forming a three fingered hand. Your skin is itching like crazy as a fine layer of fur starts covering the back of your hands. You notice that your whole body is being electrified by the roots covered in the glowing mass. Is this what’s causing your transformation? Could you perhaps stop the transformation by breaking the roots?
Another light flashes before you revealing a silver door at the end of the tunnel. You’re scared out of your mind not knowing what is happening to your body. Do you…
A: Try to break the roots and see if it stops the transformation and run back the way you came, even though a monster may awaite on the other side?
B: Try to run to the silver door before the energy from the glowing mass can transform you any further and escape?
Results from Day 5:
Voting is still going: Vote here on the Facebook page. 
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