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Free Concept Art Coloring Sheet #1

Free Concept Art Coloring Sheet #1

Welcome to the first freebie coloring sheet.

This is a concept coloring sheet for a future coloring book story. This one will be a fantasy series and is in early development. The concept does not represent what the final story or pages will look like. These sheets are done for testing the look I want to have for the story and you get the joy of having it to color for free. Please provide feedback and suggestions on the work. I want to make these coloring book stories fun to color and entertain you. You can provide feedback on my social media links you can find through my website.

Please do not try to sell your coloring pages as your own work. Just have fun coloring them and sharing them to friends and family.

You can check out more of my work and find my social media links at

Thank you
-Aaron Babel

How to use this PDF coloring book:

This coloring book is meant for you to print out and hand color with any type of coloring media you want.
It’s recommended that you print this out on a card stock paper for best results when coloring.

You can color this book digitally if you wish as well if you have a painting program such as Photoshop. I leave it up to the individual’s own skills in the program to know how to open and color it digitally.

All artwork is hand drawn and copyright ©2020 Steam Pony Design by Aaron Babel


A New Year and A New Adventure

A New Year and A New Adventure

I am very excited for 2020. I’ve Been working on a coloring book story project since late November and it is finally up and ready for sale on Etsy as a digital pdf download. It’s an original story I came up with out of my crazy imagination and I’ve been working countless evenings drawing and inking this thing. I hope people like it and buy it. I’m already working on more of them and will eventually put up some free pages to color as well. Thank you family and friends for all the support and especially thank you to Jaymie Rae Babel and Brett Manzer who got me back into drawing and to Eric C. Martin for teaching me new skills and techniques on how to improve my drawings. I will continue to draw each and everyday to improve my skills. Love you all. Peace!

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